Healing Is Your Birthright

By Darius Wigfall

The ability to heal is embedded in life itself, therefore we have been
endowed with this ability from our conception. I remember once telling
a friend that was visiting from the west coast that the ability to
heal is everyone’s birthright. He quickly responded, “No, it’s not,”
with sense of surety and righteousness. The response hit me like a
swift swipe from a sword and left me in the silence of shock.

As time passed, I thought about this interaction. I built up
some resentment toward the fact that someone I considered a brother
could deny another person their natural ability to heal, even if only
verbally. As I write this, the memory of being scarred by a nail when I was younger while attempting to hang up my jacket in a closet becomes 
relevant in my mind. My aunt had cleaned my wound and stopped the flow of the liquid life force known as blood. She assured that there weren’t any unwanted life forms on my open skin that may cause infection. Within a week, the scar on my chest grew a scab in preparation for fresh skin growth. No thought nor effort was given to the healing of my wound. The wisdom of the body and its cosmology of organisms knew the exact formula needed to assure my open wound would mend.

With all the skills and certifications in the realm of the healing arts I have acquired, I myself am a student to my body’s healing abilities. No woman nor man is omitted from the
body’s innate ability to heal itself. In fact, a great deal of effort,
whether consciously or unconsciously, intentionally or ignorantly, goes
into creating circumstances and experiences that stagnates the body’s
natural healing ability. Hence the purpose and need for medicine,
healing modalities and spiritual practices. Those who are students of
dhamma through the practice of vipassana know that the nature of
reality, which is intrinsically entwined in the nature of the mind, is
to heal itself given the space and time. The earth also has the
ability to heal itself given the space and time.

Eventually, all that we have created will be reintegrated back into the planet on which we stand. Healing modalities and spiritual practices give constant support to combat the consistent creation of toxicity in the world we live in. Our own natural healing abilities benefit greatly from the assistance of “outside forces” when other outside forces have caused an imbalance in those natural abilities. With the ability to heal oneself comes the ability to assist others in healing as we are comprised of the same forces. It may not be everyone’s path to be a healer but it surely is everyone’s ability and birthright to heal.

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Working with spiritual practices as well as healing energies shapes my way of being and has done so for the past 5 years. Growing in NYC as a young seeker has open doors for me to live life at level of emotional, mental, and bodily stability. Tapping into the awareness of Reiki (life energy) the shamanic spirit, other spiritual and meditative ways of being and leading in community, has given the gift of healing. As I understand and develop ways to bring myself into balance with true nature and nature, I share to assist other who wish to do the same. "The seed at the core grows the tree to which the apple feel from".