The Essence of Life


Hello my dear veggie warriors! As the leaves are transitioning in color and beginning to detach themselves from the trees, we are beginning to detach ourselves from the summer breeze; tuning into our fall celebrations. As many of you know, I have been doing a lot of work with the elements of nature and this past weekend I had the honor of becoming one with them. The element of air has taken the front row (sharing the stage with the element of metal, depending on which philosophy you choose to follow), providing the wisdom nature would like us to embrace in this moment here and now.

We danced with air through yoga, meditation, eye gazing, and sharing our thoughts.


For those who were admiring the essence of air in a different way and couldn’t be physically present with us this weekend, I wanted to share a few words that were expressed during shavasana to get you more connected with the breezy aspect of La  Naturaleza.

Element of Air:
My expansion is limitless.
I flow freely through space and time.
My essence represents the color of the SUN.
As I exist, communication and consciousness develops. 

With each breath, I feed the heart chakra. The sense of unconditional love empowers our being.
Crisp breeze softly transcends through each molecular space in the body, manifesting a cooling and purifying sensation of the body and mind.
My existence is known as air. I represent the transcendence of the fire. I have the power of cooling down the flames, releasing that which we have accepted to let go while feeding the flames of which we resist to overcome.
By becoming one with our breath, we tap into the clarity that air provides knowing which fire to cool off and which to ignite.
I am an expression of continuous rebirth. Each drop of breath brings a rebirth of our true nature. As duality is ever at stake, we must use air’s beautiful characteristic of consciousness and make a choice from the connectivity of the heart chakra to know which true fire to feed.

Notice how each breath feels in your body. Each inhale expands your awareness. Do you feel soft and connected? Is there any place of tension in your body or mind? Tension and force are a union that can and should be detached from ourselves. Let the out breath fall from you without force to release tension. With that softness, invite the in breath to fill in the space you have created. Allow the element of breath to guide your rhythm. As you inhale, you tune into that awareness, as you exhale you let go of the tension and soften a bit more. Air is at the heart of transformation. This is our involuntary vitality. We are continuously one with our breath regardless our sense of mindfulness. The great creative air builds new possibilities. It provides room for new creations to manifest. If there’s something you would like to let go of, exhale and release it into that breath that represents this element. Allow that crisp breeze to transform it.

If you were not one of the fortune warriors who got to indulge in the beauty of the elements this weekend, no need to worry! We have an Elemental Connection coming up in just a few weeks, October 24th. Contact me at for more info.

Until next time veggie lovers!

~ Florencia Fridman