Breath of Life

Breath of Life

The Fall Air


Air, the breath of life, shows us that we are one of a kind. Air creates space for us to walk through and breath in. Air, the breath has cultivated an environment that is perfect for our sound vibrations to travel through, being expressed and heard. Breath like life energy is subtle, making air very close in form to life energy.┬áBreath connects all to each other, to Ancestors, and future generations. This is a time to nurture our relationships to ourselves and others, connect with those who came before, and define how we are creating space for future generations. These relationship are a reflection of our lungs and their relation to the major and minor organs. The air has cooled down and created a crisp breath to open the lungs. We now stand to remove all toxins so we may be open to touch and be touched by others like a gentle breeze. Our expression becomes purified through the freshness of the fall air. We begin to shed our leafy layers that blow with the wind. We retract so that we utilize the fire & light cultivated in the summer season to keep our core warm When the body undergoes cold conditions, the blood is restricted to the major organs to keep them warm above all extremities. This is the wisdom of the body. Our fire is dependent on the fall air to keep its flames burning, we must continue to fan the flame. Now is a time to be courageous as the beliefs sowed & grown are changing colors and are ripe for the picking. The states of minds we have cultivated must be observed. Those beliefs that no longer serve must be challenged, changed, and let go of. The leaf no longer serves the tree once it’s color has changed, the fruit will rot if not picked. Pick your fruits and decide which ones are ripe for the eating and which ones must be composted. This allows one to avoid any possible depression or grief that begins to arise during the fall season and peak in winter. Root vegetables are ripest for the picking at this time, eat plenty. In our contraction we go to the root of our being to assure we have the proper warmth to move into the winter season. We ask ourselves, what seeds of beliefs have we sowed? What fruits of thoughts, emotions, imagination, and actions must we pick, eat, and throw away? The tree remains standing while the leaves fall off. Are we nurturing our Tree of Life or our leaves of comfort? What are you harvesting to feed your destiny?

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Working with spiritual practices as well as healing energies shapes my way of being and has done so for the past 5 years. Growing in NYC as a young seeker has open doors for me to live life at level of emotional, mental, and bodily stability. Tapping into the awareness of Reiki (life energy) the shamanic spirit, other spiritual and meditative ways of being and leading in community, has given the gift of healing. As I understand and develop ways to bring myself into balance with true nature and nature, I share to assist other who wish to do the same. "The seed at the core grows the tree to which the apple feel from".