Cleansing with Ease, an Ayurvedic Perspective

Cleansing with Ease, an Ayurvedic Perspective


Originally written by Divya Alter

Detoxification is a delicate process, one that should work with your chemistry to determine which of the many procedures are best for you, considering body type, imbalances, age, life style, etc.

No matter what cleansing protocol you choose to follow, the main principle is to go slowly and gently. Your goal should be to have more toxins going out of your body than coming in. As soon as you cross over this line, you will start feeling better.

Dr. Vaidya Mishra of the Shaka Vansiya Ayurveda tradition teaches that detoxifying should be so slow and gentle that you should not even feel that it is occurring!  The elimination of toxic buildup should be evacuated through the natural channels in such a manner that no detox symptoms, such as rashes, allergies, or intense mood swings, etc., should occur. In addition, detox should be a non-invasive yet continuous process, without having to interrupt one’s daily routine. Gradual and gentle protocols yield better and more thorough results, especially because they do not distress the physiology.

Word of caution: rapid or even brisk detoxifying can create a downward spiral and an exaggerated return of original symptoms. Most of the detoxification programs I have tried or examined try to detoxify the patient in drive-through, overnight fashion. The important thing to remember is that during detoxification, toxins are released into your blood stream. Inducing the release of toxins is not difficult. The problem is how much of those toxins can you excrete? If your detoxification program releases more than you can excrete, then you become re-toxified. This means that, for example, the old mercury stored up in your bones can be released and find a new home in its favorite places—your brain, heart, kidney or liver. Two years later you may find out where it went during that “detoxification” program. If detoxification makes you feel ill, then you are a victim of re-toxification. Our goal is not to burn the house down to get rid of the roaches. You do not need to be a toxin-free invalid.

Unlike other protocols, the Ayurvedic protocol aims at supporting the body’s own natural detox intelligence, awakening and allowing it to work as it is meant to. Resetting the body’s own detox clock is what it is all about. If the body’s natural intelligence is not receptive to detox, nothing that is ingested or cleansed will work.

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