Meditation Three: Opening

By Jesse Johnson

You’ve come in the door, with all your parts and pieces. You’ve taken off your shoes, you’ve settled in with a cup of tea and a comfortable conversation. Your body softens, starts to relax. Your heart moves with this softening, and opens to connect to love.

Notice the parts of you that feel open and breath into those parts.
Notice the spaciousness and expand it as you breathe.
Just a little more open, just a little wider.

Let yourself become a receiver of love, of energy, of healing.
Let your body become the vessel, your breath the portal.
Let love and light flow into your energy body from all directions, coming in through the cracks and spaces, opening everything just the right amount, streaming into you from the front, the back, both sides, above and below.

Please share anything and everything that’s coming alive for you as you practice. What’s waking up? What’s getting stuck?