By Lizzie Rose

A Positive Light, the new album from Kuf Knotz is perfectly named, as it is practically an instruction manual on how to transmute energy. Beginning with track 1, “Intro Deuces”, we learn right off the bat that “Positive Energy Always Corrects Errors.”

I never need another definition for personal peace for the rest of my life. That says it all, and is the foundation for the rest of the album, each track raising the vibration higher and higher, reminding the listener that you’ve got the power. It’s all in you. In the catchy “Movement Red,” Kuf shifts our perception of red from passion, fire, communism to happy and vibrant.

I will remember to “define red, escape the blue” the next time I need a pick me up. In the final track “Colour Shift,” he says it all: “This is healing music, you’re right at home.”

It’s that little piece we often forget – home is peace, home is healing, home is A Positive Light.