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Letting Go to Receive
words by Symone Rosette

I am sacrificing who I thought I was. I sacrifice the old truths adopted from someone else’s life; the beliefs that no longer hold water in the face of my rapid evolutionary change. I sacrifice any and every thing that has covered my core self in order to bolster my identity and give myself substance where I once felt empty and incomplete. I sacrifice all the things I clung to, which at first saved me from emptiness, but now are simply anchors that connect me to a past self that is no longer vibrant and alive.

Feel confident in the divine’s ability to remove the things that you declare do not belong, and trust that the heavens are aligning you with that intention and creating more room for the things you were designed to have.

Symone Rosette is a certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher and founder of Transcendence Yoga. She’s offering specials for private clients this month, so check her out at