Meditation One: Arriving

by Jesse Johnson

Meditate with words that go something like this:

Close your eyes and notice how you are today.
How is your body?
How is your heart?
How is your mind?
What’s holding on, what’s tight?
What’s open and spacious?
Just notice yourself being how you are right now, and breath into that.

So much of meditation is just what happens when you make the decision to close your eyes and do it – for 30 seconds or 30 minutes, the choice to make time to sit and connect is huge. Once your eyes close, or you find your position, and breath there, arriving starts to happen. There’s less stimulus, less to react to, and more space to really experience who and what and where and how and why you are.

Make time for yourself today, and then acknowledge yourself for doing that. You are a bountiful, exuberant and incredible creature of the universe. It’s so sweet to be in this world with you.