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Healing is your Birthright


Healing Is Your Birthright

By Darius Wigfall

The ability to heal is embedded in life itself, therefore we have been
endowed with this ability from our conception. I remember once telling
a friend that was visiting from the west coast that the ability to
heal is everyone’s birthright. He quickly responded, “No, it’s not,”
with sense of surety and righteousness. The response hit me like a
swift swipe from a sword and left me in the silence of shock.

As time passed, I thought about this interaction. I built up
some resentment toward the fact that someone I considered a brother
could deny another person their natural ability to heal, even if only
verbally. As I write this, the memory of being scarred by a nail when I was younger while attempting to hang up my jacket in a closet becomes 
relevant in my mind. My aunt had cleaned my wound and stopped the flow of the liquid life force known as blood. She assured that there weren’t any unwanted life forms on my open skin that may cause infection. Within a week, the scar on my chest grew a scab in preparation for fresh skin growth. No thought nor effort was given to the healing of my wound. The wisdom of the body and its cosmology of organisms knew the exact formula needed to assure my open wound would mend.

With all the skills and certifications in the realm of the healing arts I have acquired, I myself am a student to my body’s healing abilities. No woman nor man is omitted from the
body’s innate ability to heal itself. In fact, a great deal of effort,
whether consciously or unconsciously, intentionally or ignorantly, goes
into creating circumstances and experiences that stagnates the body’s
natural healing ability. Hence the purpose and need for medicine,
healing modalities and spiritual practices. Those who are students of
dhamma through the practice of vipassana know that the nature of
reality, which is intrinsically entwined in the nature of the mind, is
to heal itself given the space and time. The earth also has the
ability to heal itself given the space and time.

Eventually, all that we have created will be reintegrated back into the planet on which we stand. Healing modalities and spiritual practices give constant support to combat the consistent creation of toxicity in the world we live in. Our own natural healing abilities benefit greatly from the assistance of “outside forces” when other outside forces have caused an imbalance in those natural abilities. With the ability to heal oneself comes the ability to assist others in healing as we are comprised of the same forces. It may not be everyone’s path to be a healer but it surely is everyone’s ability and birthright to heal.

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Good Morning, Now go make a smoothie with Eric Levinson!


You have turned off the alarm clock.

You have yawned a couple times… On the way to the shower you notice the blender. You know you wanna..

Eric Levinson gives us the motivation we need and the know how to make a BASIC GREEN SMOOTHIE!

(Fonting increased for morning brain functions)

Living Room Sessions: Jackson Whalan (Full Audio and Video Coming soon)


A new installation to our Unitribe event line up and joined in support by Black Swan Sounds. We call this one “Living Room Sessions”. We host an intimate crowd for an up close look into their live performance. The performance will be filmed and archived at

Our very own Jackson Whalan joined us in celebrating his new album “Pivotal Frequencies”!

Full Video Out Soon!.. sign the mailing list on the home page and stay plugged in.

Four Meditations, 1 of 4


Meditation One: Arriving

by Jesse Johnson

Meditate with words that go something like this:

Close your eyes and notice how you are today.
How is your body?
How is your heart?
How is your mind?
What’s holding on, what’s tight?
What’s open and spacious?
Just notice yourself being how you are right now, and breath into that.

So much of meditation is just what happens when you make the decision to close your eyes and do it – for 30 seconds or 30 minutes, the choice to make time to sit and connect is huge. Once your eyes close, or you find your position, and breath there, arriving starts to happen. There’s less stimulus, less to react to, and more space to really experience who and what and where and how and why you are.

Make time for yourself today, and then acknowledge yourself for doing that. You are a bountiful, exuberant and incredible creature of the universe. It’s so sweet to be in this world with you.

Trevor Hall, ‘Kala’


Running Into Time

by Lizzie Rose

It was a magical weekend of kinship and kirtan in March 2012 when I first heard Trevor Hall’s music. As my inner bliss expanded beyond known limits, Trevor gave it a voice that played through subpar speakers in the Cadillac DeVille we drove to and from Philadelphia. Since then, each discovery of his music has been the discovery of an artist who elegantly interweaves magnetic language and soulful vocalization with deep heartbeats, honest bhakti, the spirit of a child and the wisdom of an elder. KALA (time in Sanskrit) is the latest in these discoveries; an exploration of our human experience of time.

Hall talks candidly about the long retreat he took in the woods which allowed him the space to create music the way he wanted to, from heart and spirit. The retreat resulted in last year’s full-length album, Chapter of the Forest. Compared to Hall’s pre-retreat music which often felt like a unique brand of raw reggae from an open heart, 2014’s Chapter of the Forest was softer, more enticing and stellarly powerful. The following EP, Unpack Your Memories, was softer still, and KALA is even softer, more meditative and atmospheric. Within the larger ambience of the album lie a few more upbeat tracks like “Back to You” and “Uncle Jo,” a few with the old reggae spirit, “Bela Galo” and “You Got My Love,” along with a more recent sound for Hall, the Hawaiian lilt of “Indigo”. As usual for Hall, inspirations from many cultures fuel the instrumentation, feel and message of KALA’s songs, strengthening his ever present theme of unity.

Some of the most seductive songs on KALA (“Indigo”, “We Call,” “Bowl of Light”) use fearless repetition, a device chanters are familiar with. And it’s not just repetition of lyrics or mantras. While many songwriters create hooks only on the topline, Hall lovingly allows himself the freedom to write hooks in all elements of the track, doing what songwriters everywhere dream of doing: writing what they feel without needing to follow the industry’s rules. For those who know mantra repetition to be the gateway to the highest vibrations, this is one reason we love Trevor Hall. He gracefully folds the pure devotion and escalating repetition of kirtan into his unique sound and humble message, creating an easy bhakti for us all.

Hall says “KALA is about time the healer, time the teacher, time the friend, and all the lessons within.” Truly hearing KALA could have you invigorating your relationship with time through partnership (“Back to You”), brotherhood (“Uncle Jo” feat. Nahko), mother earth (“Mother” feat. Xavier Rudd & Tubby Love), community (“Yirawala”) and the notion of eternal unity that underlines each track. You could also lose yourself in KALA, wondering where the 75 minutes have gone and why you feel so good as the album closes. Don’t worry, Hall will tell you you’re running into time, not out of it.

On his website (, Trevor Hall shares the story of KALA, crediting his Grandmother with providing the seed for this album in a single sentence: “Isn’t time such a wonderful gift?” KALA is.

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Living Room Sessions: Adam Ahuja (Full Video Coming soon)


A new installation to our Unitribe event line up and joined in support by Black Swan Sounds. We call this one “Living Room Sessions”. We will be hosting an intimate crowd for an up close look into their live performance. The performance will be filmed and archived at

Dancing With Gravity: 8/17/15


We build community and have a blast every monday night! Here is a short glimpse of what happened on Monday, August the 17th.

Mambisa back from “Return To the Roots” with a new set!


Mambisa’s got a new mix from her journey to Return to Roots Festival… In her own words.

“Return to Roots Gathering: oh, my gosh. I’ve loved every festival I’ve attended this summer, but this one is a serious contender for the top of the list. Thanks to Meggie, Meagan and all the organizers and staff, to Camp Beemore for holding down the late night/early morning sound and scene, and to my soul familia who grooved along to this eclectic 2-hour sound journey and round out an amazing Saturday night line-up(also featuring @the-underwater-sounds, @illexxandra, and @soohan!) I think this is one of my best sets ever, if a bit messy in the mix at moments, but hey, it’s live, and it’s alllll good.”

Letting Go to Receive

:::Messages of Inspiration:::
Letting Go to Receive
words by Symone Rosette

I am sacrificing who I thought I was. I sacrifice the old truths adopted from someone else’s life; the beliefs that no longer hold water in the face of my rapid evolutionary change. I sacrifice any and every thing that has covered my core self in order to bolster my identity and give myself substance where I once felt empty and incomplete. I sacrifice all the things I clung to, which at first saved me from emptiness, but now are simply anchors that connect me to a past self that is no longer vibrant and alive.

Feel confident in the divine’s ability to remove the things that you declare do not belong, and trust that the heavens are aligning you with that intention and creating more room for the things you were designed to have.

Symone Rosette is a certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher and founder of Transcendence Yoga. She’s offering specials for private clients this month, so check her out at