By Erin Palmore

Upon listening to Lodestar, the first track off of the album Mineral Environment, it feels as if you are surrounded by water. As if you are in an aquarium looking at the Dolphins swimming around you. You feel the vibration of the song rising. As you rise with the song it feels as if you are flying or floating through the universe. It definitely puts you into a meditative state.

Closing your eyes while listening takes you even deeper. Phototrope sounds like birds chirping or just fun all around you. Waking up as a kid for one Saturday morning was one of the best feelings in the world at the time. This instrumental has a similar excited adrenaline to it. A sense of love and heart chakras being opening to infinity. As the beat slows down toward the end you can feel a joyous peace soothing your soul. Around 1:09 in Forever Dream it elevates into another state.

The different levels of the beats and rhythms of this instrumental allows you to realize this is how dreams normally are, taking you through different stages. It definitely has an Astro travel feel. The last song on the album Strange Attractor allows you to reach a state that feels like you have arrived. It seems as if it’s a place you know but now have clarity that it’s leading you in the right direction. Mineral Environment is special and takes your to a place of grace.

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